Securitas ePay – Paperless Pay Employee Portal

Are you a manager of a leading organization? Do you want to manage the payslips of your employees via Securitas services? Securitas ePay is an effective online platform that manages monthly pay slips of employees via Securitas services.

Then you might get your salary on-time without any hassles. Securitas ePay is also known as a paperless-pay talx portal, which helps managers to check all the necessary information regarding the payroll of the employees. 

Securitas Epay

Want to avail of hassle-free access to this online platform? All you need is login credentials such as ID and password to quickly access this Securitas ePay platform.

This is how the platform helps to prevent those hackers from breaking through it. Without any further delay, let us quickly dig into this article to get various aspects of the Securitas ePay platform.

Securitas Epay

What is Securitas ePay?

Securitas ePay is a significant online portal where you can check your payroll data efficiently. This platform enables you to check various rewards pay, discovering, and manage those online records quickly.

Securitas ePay is gratified to announce another representative pay program that will provide a captivating upgrade to the workers of the USA. This robust project will give staple economies to the employees and the company. Moreover, it will exhibit a supportive environment. 

 How to access Securitas ePay or paperless-pay talx portal?

Securitas ePay possesses a robust online payroll system for its employees. You just need an account to get full access here. Employees can grab numerous advantages of this payroll platform while using this. Do not worry if you are new to this online platform.

Securitas ePay provides easy accessibility when users want to log in or make a payment to this platform.

Therefore, the online payment process includes these steps:

● First, visit

Securitas Epay

● Enter that Social Security Number (SSN)

Securitas Epay

● Enter your date of birth which is your default PIN code.

● Thereafter, make a PIN change request for optimum security. The leading criterion for setting up a new PIN is that it should contain at least 6-8 characters. 

● After that, you have to select any one option out there after signing in. These options include income verification, paystub review, and personal information.

● Finally, you can accomplish the security pay online works.

How to access Securitas ePay from a mobile device?

Follow these important steps below if you want to access this online portal from a mobile phone:

● Dial this number 866-604-3729 from your mobile.

● After that, enter that Social Security Number (SSN).

● Follow that default format in order to fill in your date of birth.

● Thereafter, change your PIN via the information which will be available on the page.

● Now opt for any option according to your preference:

  • Press “1” to review the stub.
  • Press “4” to check status.
  • Press “#” to change the PIN.
  • Press “*” to repeat the entire menu.
  • Press “0” to disconnect the call.

How to login to TALX paperless pay portal?

Follow these steps below to log in to your Securitas ePay portal:

● First, visit the official website such as

● Enter your employee code over there.

● Thereafter, enter your employee identity and password issued by the HR department of your organization.

● To view the advanced or previous pay stubs, visit the pay stub review on the main menu. After that, the submenus will show various options available. 

● If you want to view Direct Deposit Maintenance, it shows on the ‘Main’ menu. Now visit the sub menus to perform various changes applicable to deposit accounts and other information.

● Now check the employee W-4 information. It is going to display on the main menu. Opt for the correct submenu to update any tax information.

● eReports will be generated, and its options will be shown on the main menu. Now make sure to customize and automate reports on work schedules, bonuses, and commissions. Visit the correct submenu to accomplish this process. 

● Finally, click on the login button to get access to the portal.

You can also access this portal by visiting This online platform offers access to its employees across the world. The immense benefits of Securitas ePay are not only for employees, but also the HR department gets severely benefited as it curtails the workload of paper. 

How to enroll in Securitas ePay?

Securitas Company brings forth an online payroll system for its employees. Here, they have to create an account to get complete access. Employees will be severely benefited through this amazing online portal. Here, they can quickly view their pay stubs along with their payment history.

Therefore, check out these steps which are listed below to complete the enrollment procedure in Securitas ePay.

  •  Those employers, who want to create an account at Securitas ePay, make sure to visit
  • After visiting, a window will pop-up and request to enter that SSN  to divert you to the personal site.
  • Tap the continue tab after entering your preferred login name.
  • Here, you have to enter your specific password or PIN. Thereafter,  hit the sign-in button.
  • You have to provide the presentation of the enlistment from the following web page. 
  • Now make sure to check the page carefully and hit the continue button to complete the process.
  • You can get the preferences for the PC to check the information you put in while signing up. Now opt for ‘Yes’ in any certain case or choose ‘No’, and finally hit the ‘continue’ option.
  • Opt for your preferred security graphic and again hit the ‘continue’ button.
  • Answer the questions you have chosen. Simply hit the ‘continue’      link when you are about to complete the process. Here, simply cross-check your email ID and phone numbers.
  • In this last step, assess all the data you have provided. Once you have finished, tap the ‘complete’ button to end the registration process legitimately.

 The utilities of or

Securitas ePay not only becomes conducive for the employees but also the HR department who got the exemption from the excess paper workload. You can easily access your payroll information 24/7 via fax, mobile, or even desktop.

The major utilities of this platform are:

  • You can quickly access the payment history for the last three years of your employment.
  • You can get a notion about the payroll before the payday.
  • Customer care executives of Securitas ePay can sort any queries 24/7.
  • The payment procedure is highly secured and private.
  • You can get various impressive discounts on Apple and Verizon while shopping.
  • Without any cashing fee, you will be able to get all the money from any bank throughout the country.

What are the leading services offered by Securitas ePay company?

Securitas ePay provides these leading services to their users:

  • Remote Guarding
  •  Fire Safety
  • Mobile Guarding
  • On-site Guarding
  • Corporate risk
  • Electronic Security

Securitas ePay always provides top-notch quality services to its clients, and that is why they have been accredited as a leading brand. Their effectiveness is the most significant factor behind their novelty. It usually simplifies the entire process.

 Leading benefits of Securitas ePay system

Securitas ePay is an online payroll portal that can be accessed through Here registered members can efficiently access this web page. After login to their respective account, users can fruitfully access their payroll information, pay stubs, and so on. The leading benefits of Securitas ePay include the ability to manage one’s payroll information rather than having everything delivered via emails.

However, the major benefits of using this system are illustrated below:

  • Methods to get innumerable information.

It possesses an easy interface that all employees can get countless information over their smartphones. It provides a hassle-free and simplistic way to get the actual data of how much money they have made along with the amount of taxes. Employees can efficiently check all the information over here.

Apart from that, employees can also call the Securitas ePay phone services to grab all the leading information. They always provide 100% safe and secure services to their clients.

Third-party payroll management:

It will be the most effective performance for those companies if they share a fruitful bond with third party payroll management. This is the case of Securitas ePay services! It is a third-party payroll management system that diligently provides top-notch performance to improve the user interface.

Advantages of this system:

This captivating system permits a person to work for an MNC and still get their remuneration. With the help of this system, they can quickly access innumerable information without any issues. Here they can crosscheck all the leading hassles related to payroll such as year to date earning, amount, amount of tax, and so on.

It is one of the effective systems for the HR department. With the help of Securitas ePay services, they have to go through a little number of paperwork formalities. Securitas helps them to set up a robust system and keep them organized.

Methods to get Payroll

  • Directing the deposit:

Employees can deposit their funds via electronic devices. The process becomes so much facile that it does not require any significant paper transactions. Apart from that, you do not need to wait in a long queue and waste your precious time.

Countless companies across the world rely on Securitas ePay, the robust security service provider. Securitas established a robust online payroll platform for providing the utmost conveniences to its employers. 

  • Pay Card:

It is an effective card in which employers credit your salary and funds of payday. With the help of this captivating feature, they serve employees who do not want to avail of the usage of bank accounts. Employees can completely access daily wages via the debit card. 

  • Visa Payroll Card:

It is given by the City Prepaid Services. 

For various authentic data and updates on Securitas ePay, you need to remain associated with various profitable data which can be helpful for you. 

Major Securitas branches in the USA

There are more than 85000 employees who avail of their superior payroll services globally. They are using this amazing site because numerous special offers and discounts are provided to them in diverse outlets.

Those leading branches are:

  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Utah
  • California
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Arizona

Receiving payroll information via smartphone

Securitas ePay is highly conducive to providing various data about pay stub via phone call. This premium feature has been introduced for those employees who are dependable upon their phones for executing day to day tasks. One can easily avail of their significant services throughout the day.

After dialing your SSN, one executive will provide you with innumerable instructions on how to access the pay stub data. In this case, you may appeal to change the information or fax them. Despite that, you should enter your login credentials such as ID and password.

 Conducting direct deposits

You can uninterruptedly access and make various adjustments to the payable amount and deposit amount via Securitas service. For this, you have to log in to that website of Securitas ePay. After that, click on the ‘direct deposit maintenance’ from the menu option. Finally, follow the steps to operate your deposit.

Customer care team of Securitas ePay

Phone Number: +46 (0)10 470 30 00     

Fax: +46 (0) 10 470 31 21

Official Address: Securitas AB, Lindhagensplan 70 Box 12307, SE-102, 28 Stockholm Sweden

Email ID:

Conclusion :

This article provides all the necessary information regarding this payroll management system, Securitas ePay. For your convenience, we have accumulated innumerable information about Securitas such as login procedure, accessibility, benefits, Securitas ePay branches across the world, and their customer care services. 

Want to proficiently manage your organization’s payroll? Not to worry as Securitas ePay comes up with their assortment of amazing services. These will undoubtedly bring an efficacious result for the company. Like this article? Then don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! 

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